EGG coffee is a traditional drink in Ha Noi, a capital of Viet Nam. It was created in 1946 by a Vietnamese who worked for the French Restaurant as a barista. Especially before 1975, Vietnam was separated into 2 countries, namely North and South of Vietnam what was heart breaking Vietnamese nation.

In Sai Gon, because of American army, milk was very easy to find. Alternatively, milk coffee became more popular there. In the contrary, the residents in Hanoi were very poor and condensed milk was too expensive for them to buy it at that time. As a result, the majority of them used egg instead of condensed milk.

Egg coffee was made from yolk mixed sugar. A combination of yolk, sugar and black coffee, unintentional created a special taste, unique culture of people in Hanoi. And now it becomes well-known with all Vietnamese as well as foreigners.